Clarinet Reed Making | A methodical and common sense approach to reed making



AW-Reeds the creator of the RPM 68 and RPM82 and accessory line has just launched where you can purchase these items directly.


This guide is a step by step overview of clarinet reed making. It will take you through each step in detail and includes brief descriptions of most reed making tools on the market. This site is updated as new products and techniques are explored.

The methods I have arrived at are for the most part nothing new, I’ve just tried to compile the easiest and fastest ways to achieve consistent results.  This approach stresses the importance of quality cane and tools.  Choosing the right tools and knowing how to use and maintain them is critical to successful reed making. Not only do better tools save you time, they offer a higher degree of accuracy that in many cases cannot be achieved otherwise.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely my own. I welcome your input.  If there is a section that is unclear or if there is a tool or method I don’t know about, please let me know! Contact me here with any comments, questions or suggestions.

My main tools of choice right now are:

  • Greg James Planer with Lee Valley Block Plane
  • Greg James Shaper with custom taper
  • Uhl RPM 68 Reed Profiler with 301 guide
  • Jeanne Reed Gauge
  • Cordier Reed Clipper

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